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Commercial Roof Services in Hancock County OH

Bontrager Roofing LLC is your go to for commercial roof services in Hancock County OH. We always focus on making your commercial roofs seamless and securing them from the elements. Our roofing solutions increase the structural integrity and visual appeal of your properties. We’ve been installing, repairing, and replacing commercial roofs for years. Our experts thoroughly inspect your commercial property, whether repairing or installing a new roof. As certified experts focusing on quality, we’re proud to be a family-owned and operated business, offering personalized service for every project. We also provide cost-effective roofing solutions without breaking the bank. 

Our roofing experts ensure your satisfaction, covering the extra mile at every level. We prioritize your requirements throughout the entire process, from our initial meeting to the final details. Contact us for trustworthy, open roofing solutions that exceed your expectations. You can relax knowing your property is in capable hands when you have our staff on your side!


Our Mission

We aim to deliver reliable commercial roof solutions in Hancock County, ensuring quality, utmost customer satisfaction, and commitment to excellence.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of commercial roof services in Hancock County OH, establishing a standard for excellence and reliability within the industry.

Professional Installation Services for Commercial Roofs

Our dedicated and qualified roofers carefully complete the roofing installation projects. You can trust our team to deliver reliable and efficient installation solutions that will increase the longevity and performance of your commercial roof.

  • Our skilled specialists handle every step of the installation procedure, guaranteeing accuracy and excellence.
  • We provide durability and resistance against the elements using premium materials and state-of-the-art procedures.
  • Our installation process is designed to meet your unique demands and specifications, resulting in a unique solution for your home.
  • Our team provides commercial roof services in Hancock County OH. We place great importance on honesty to keep you informed at every turn.

For roofing requirements, choose us for expert installation services, prioritizing reliability and customer satisfaction.

Specialized Commercial Roof Coating Services for Longevity

Utilize our long-lasting, specialist coating treatments to increase the lifespan of your commercial roof. Our commercial roof coating procedures are designed to increase longevity and protect your investment over time.

  • Our coatings are designed to provide the best defense possible against water damage, UV radiation, and weathering.
  • We use premium materials that blend in perfectly with your current roof, creating a solid wall that stops leaks and prolongs the life of your roof.
  • Our coatings can significantly improve the life of your roof with routine maintenance and reapplication as necessary, saving you time and money on expensive repairs.
  • With our reliable commercial roof services in Hancock County OH, you can count on our staff to offer long-lasting results.

Invest in your business property’s future using our expert coating services, which provide long-lasting security and comfort.

Hancock County Commercial Roof Services : Experience Excellence

We transform properties with our commercial roof services in Hancock County OH. Whether you need maintenance, repair, installation, or inspection, we prioritize quality and client satisfaction. Our skilled experts approach each task with care and precision, making sure that your business roof fulfills the highest requirements for quality. We work tirelessly to go above and beyond your expectations by offering reliable options that safeguard your investment and property. You can count on us to improve your commercial roof’s look, usefulness, and longevity. Enjoy quality in Hancock County, Ohio, with our all-inclusive commercial roof services.

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Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roof services OH, enhance your property’s curb appeal. Our exceptional solutions, including installation and maintenance, provide longevity and security, ensuring your business property is safe and operational for many years.
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Our workers undergo extensive safety training and follow strict security protocols, including using the right tools and taking precautions against falls.

Simply contact us to discuss your maintenance requirements, and we will work with you to develop a plan that meets your demands while ensuring the continued health of your roof.

Yes, we provide customized maintenance programs that include cleaning, minor repairs, and inspections to guarantee the performance and durability of your business roof.

Leaks, cracks, ponding water, or apparent damage are examples of indicators that something needs to be replaced or repaired. Get in touch with us for an experienced evaluation.

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Quality Materials

Our priority is to use premium materials that come from reliable vendors, guaranteeing that they will last a long time and be resistant to Hancock County’s varied weather.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our commercial roof services in OH, put the needs of our customers first, emphasizing open communication and attentive service. We make sure your experience is stress-free

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